About Pizza Boxes

A Pizza Box or a pizza package is a folding box Made from corrugated, solid board or folding carton, they withstand high temperatures and insulate the pizza so that maximum heat is retained, in which a hot pizza is stored and transported from the pizzeria to the final customer.

Consumers are paying attention to the quality of the ingredients in a Pizza, Pizzerias should pay attention to the packaging used to deliver and serve. We ensure our clients that we produce food containers that meet the highest quality and food packaging safety standards. We supply to many European countries with strict food safety rules, we ensure to comply with International hygiene standards, constantly tested by third party food packaging safety experts.


Pizza boxes are more than just a food container, not only they deliver pizza, they serve a purpose for delivering your brand message.

Statistics of consumer relationships via Pizza Boxes

  • An interesting Box design helps your brand identity grow, it makes you more remarkable
  • 40% of consumers are likely to repeat a purchase made from a restaurant that offers premium packaging.
  • Potential to drive brand endorsements on social media with an unique packaging
  • You have the potential to advertise for free on a 33cm x 33cm white canvas

Choosing a Pizza Box

We are careful about the choices we make when manufacturing your pizza boxes, we invite you to choose from our wide selection of Pizza Box models


  • Choosing the Model (ex. A, C, E, G etc) Every country has their own model that they are used to, choose the same or beat the competition and choose an unique model
  • Choosing the Size
  • Choose the cardboard type (Kraft, White, 100% celulose)
  • Choose the Flute (D, B, EP etc)
  • Choosing the printing, personalize with your own logo, full print in 3 colours.

Or if this seems too complicated feel free to contact our specialists  that can help you with a personalized offer in

Printing and customization options:

  • 1-2-3 color flexographic printing on corrugated cardboard:
  • Choosing the cardboard from different variants
  • You can choose your own design and we make sure that it looks perfect on any size and model, if you are out of inspiration we can help you in the design process

Pizza Box Model A – Americano

American type Pizza Box model, easy folding mechanism, durable, stackable with a variety of standard prints


  • Standard Sizes available
  • Standard Prints available
  • High-resolution flexographic printing with 3-4 colours
  • Bespoke options to meet your exact size and shape requirements
  • Made from high quality certified corrugated cardboard, with heat retention properties and moisture evacuation materials to ensure product freshness
  • Supplied flat in packages of 50 or 100 pcs for more storage space and reduced transport cost
  • Compliant to all EU food safety requirements


  • 210x210x47
  • 235x235x30
  • 240x240x35
  • 260x260x35
  • 280x160x80
  • 280x280x35
  • 300x175x35
  • 300x230x50
  • 300x300x35
  • 300x300x40
  • 320x320x35
  • 320x320x50
  • 330x330x35
  • 330x330x40
  • 360x360x35
  • 360x360x40
  • 400x300x35
  • 400x400x40
  • 410x410x50
  • 440x230x50
  • 450x450x50
  • 500x500x50
  • 600x345x45
  • 600x600x50

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