A – Model – Americano


  • 210x210x47 mm
  • 235x235x30 mm
  • 240x240x35 mm
  • 260x260x35 mm
  • 280x160x80 mm
  • 280x280x35 mm
  • 300x175x35 mm
  • 300x230x50 mm
  • 300x300x35 mm
  • 300x300x40 mm
  • 320x320x35 mm
  • 320x320x50 mm
  • 330x330x35 mm
  • 330x330x40 mm
  • 360x360x35 mm
  • 360x360x40 mm
  • 400x300x35 mm
  • 400x400x40 mm
  • 410x410x50 mm
  • 440x230x50 mm
  • 450x450x50 mm
  • 500x500x50 mm
  • 600x345x45 mm
  • 600x600x50 mm

American type Pizza Box model, easy folding mechanism, durable, stackable with a variety of standard prints


  • Standard Sizes available
  • Standard Prints available
  • High-resolution flexographic printing with 3-4 colours
  • Bespoke options to meet your exact size and shape requirements
  • Made from high quality certified corrugated cardboard, with heat retention properties and moisture evacuation materials to ensure product freshness
  • Supplied flat in packages of 50 or 100 pcs for more storage space and reduced transport cost
  • Compliant to all EU food safety requirements

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